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The use of these products to relax is granted by these third parties to Barcode. You should in no way make a reverse engineering or convert the technical principles or dissociate the architecture of these products or regulations, and none of these conditions is explained to It gives you any right related to these products or regulations. Materials are provided to you on the electronic platform as such, for personal use and for the sole purpose of information, and you may not use, copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, broadcast, license or exploit any other purposes without prior written consent from their owners. Barcode retains all other rights granted in a Exclusive under these conditions for the electronic platform and its materials. Therefore, you agree not to engage in any activity to use, copy or distribute any material other than those authorized under these terms, including any use or Copying or copying any materials owned by outside parties obtained through the electronic platform for any commercial purposes. In addition, you also agree not to be neutral, corrupted, interfered with or done in any suspicious way that may affect the security advantages of the electronic platform or the characteristics and systems that prevent or support the use or copying of the electronic platform's evidence or the materials on which it is located. The content displayed on or through the platform is protected by copyright as a joint act and/or collective work in accordance with copyright, other powers and international conventions, and is clearly prohibited from reproducing, adjusting or creating works derived from the electronic platform, or re-ingesting the platform's statements or materials on it or the co-working or group work. Copies or reproduction of the electronic platform or materials are strictly prohibited that exist or any part of it in order to reproduce it or re-distribute it.

Using our electronic platform, you will be interested in content from several external sources, and as permitted by law, Barcode will not assume any responsibility for the accuracy, usefulness or integrity of the content displayed or even the intellectual property rights relating to it, if you agree to assume all liabilities. For use. Furthermore, you are understanding and agreeing that you have been exposed to accurate, offensive, inappropriate, hateful, defamatory, or defamatory content, as far as the law allows, You agree to waive or waive under these terms any Legal rights, settlements or petitions that you can raise as long as it relates to all of the above against Barcode.

And/or voice messages for the winners and/or their names. Disclaimer of responsibility for third-party medical When using third-party dishes, these dishes have their own terms and conditions and do not have any authority over these dishes, so the responsibility for using third-party printings rests solely with you since Barcode does not know these dishes. BarcodeList is responsible for any third-party transactions, and you may acknowledge that such transactions can be infringed or deleted at any time by the original publisher and/or copyright owner, and you may assume full responsibility and risks arising from the use of any third-party printings, including the content in which they are located. Barcode to leave its responsibility to you or to the third party or any order

The legality of any application of the third party, and you may waive any legal rights or petitions against Barcode wherever it relates. The availability of third-party application through well-known online or other platforms does not mean the consent, authorization, authorization or association of any third party, nor is it considered Also depending or agreeing on such third-party applications, and for you accordingly Waiving any legal rights or petitions against Barcode as it relates to it. Barcode has no authority over application, products, services and software, or any third-party electronic platform, and we are not responsible for its work and do not rely on it, nor are we responsible. About any Content, advertisements or any material available through third-party applications, products, services, software or platforms. We are not directly or directly responsible for any damage or loss you have suffered due to your use or accreditation of any products or services.

Available through third-party printing, products, services, software or platforms. We cannot guarantee its authentic ity always. Barcode Dales or any of its own providers will in no way be liable for accidental or direct, private, penalty or consequential damages. Deterrent arising from your use or inability to use the platform or application, including To name but a few, loss of income or expected profits, loss of reputation, loss of employment, loss of evidence, computer failure or For the validity of the offer in the market or its compatibility with any specific use or non-violation of the rights of the property. In conjunction with the items mentioned above to limit the guarantees, you acknowledge and agree that any claim against us is limited under the amount that

You agree to defend and protect Barcode, its safety, subsidiaries and subsidiaries, as well asits employees/officials, supervisors, administrators, agents and waivers by them, service providers, suppliers and employees of all claims, damages, damages or damages. Obligations or losses ( whether direct, direct or consequential)and any liabilities, costs, religion or expenses, including, but not limited to, the lawyer's fees resulting from: 1 - your life by violating any of the terms of the user's agreement. 2- You are aware that any right of the jealous, including but not limited to, copyright, trade marks, trade secrets and other property and private rights, has been violated. 3. Using platform or services 4 - any claim that the platform Electronic, services or any materials related to us have caused you or a third party to any harm. That's the defense

The quality and performance of your account services may set a limit on the use of the service from time to time, including the maximum duration of content retention or retention of the data on the Service, the maximum number or volume of publications, the number of e-mails or any other content that may be completed. Transfer or cheat by service, as well as the time you enter and access the service or platform. Barcode reserves the right at any time to modify or suspend services on the platform (or any part of it( with or without advance notice, and Barcode will not Be Responsible You get in Or towards That is Side third about That is you exceed Or Learning Or Stop For services. You acknowledge and agree that Barcode has the right according to her discretion. Absolute )inferior To be obliged to do so.( Cancel or cancel your account and block your hand Electronic or protocol address Your Internet, Or end your account. Exactly and other Actions that limit from your ability to enter into Or use Service And the platform. )Or That is part from it( on Immediately And without That is Notice Prior To do moan Parkwood Dales Have Right By the day 77 what For any reason or without any reason at all. Moreover,